Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure! You're about to embark on what we can only describe as 'the most fun you'll have on four wheels!'

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VELOCITY 3 - JULY 17/18 2021


Overnight Destination: Edmonton, AB!

What is Velocity 3?
Following in the footsteps of two successful Velocity events, 25 teams of 2 will face off against each-other to uncover hidden checkpoints along our two-day poker-run route.


At each checkpoint, teams will draw a random card from one of two decks of playing cards, trying to tally their hand closest to 21 (without going over). Teams may choose from the ‘high’ deck or ‘low’ deck. The high deck contains numbered cards greater than 7. The low deck contains numbered cards less than 6. Drawing a card from either deck will cost you points, so spend wisely.

There will be opportunities along the route to earn additional points, which you can use to draw playing cards at checkpoints or bank towards your final score. Your hand will reset after each of the three event stages. At the end of the event, the three teams with the most points will earn the first, second and third place awards. 

The Route:

Day 1 will launch from our start line at 1 p.m., with decal installation & rally check-in opening at 10 a.m. We'll drive approx. 380km (of course we aren't taking the direct route) to Edmonton, via 3 waypoints, before finishing with an evening of pizza and go-kart racing!

Day 2 will take us back to Calgary via a 450km route that will take us to a lunch stop, via 3 waypoints, before another 3 waypoints on the way back to Calgary for dinner and awards.

Points System:
• Each team will start the event with 10 points
• Points must be spent in order to draw cards at each checkpoint
• Points are earned from your hand of cards and by completing tasks
• The goal is to end the event with the most points

Each leg of the event, teams will be scored based on their hand

  • 21 = 10 points

  • 20 = 9 points

  • 19 = 8 points

  • 18 - 7 points

  • 17 and below = 0 points

  • Over 21 = 0 points

Additional ways to earn points:
• Tasks will be available along your route to help you earn additional points.

Sample tasks include:

  • Taking a photo of your team with an object (like a green tractor, red fire truck, etc.)

  • Solving a riddle

  • Finding a map of a district or community

  • Taking a video of your team completing an activity

The event costs $570 per team of two. Your entry includes:
• One night stay in a 3-star hotel in Edmonton (Saturday evening)*

• Go-Kart Racing in Edmonton**
• Pizza Party Dinner on Day 1

• Lunch & Dinner on Day 2

• Route cards
• Prestige Events Apparel Item
• Vehicle decals

• Awards Ceremony

• Event Photos


*Breakfast may not be included if COVID-19 regulations persist.


**If COVID-19 regulations don't allow for us to do go-kart racing, we will reimburse everyone for that activity.

Payment must be submitted by Paypal or e-transfer. Entry Fee due in-full before May 10, 2021.
This event is limited to 25 teams. Priority is given to returning teams.

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