Deliver the cargo and avoid your pursuers at all costs! Those who deliver will get paid!

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Single-Day Event

Do you have what it takes to work for Sanchez? Let's find out! You've been recruited by a notorious smuggler known only as 'Sanchez'. Nobody has ever met Sanchez in person before, but his pockets are loaded!

Your mission it to smuggle a flash drive from Calgary to the drop zone, without getting caught!

A law enforcement agency, known as L.E.X.U.S. has been tracking Sanchez for months, and they're getting closer to finding him. Should you get caught, your chances at getting paid by Sanchez will diminish.

Can you deliver the flash drive to Sanchez and his men without getting caught?

Here's how it will work:

Teams will meet at Sahchez's base of operations, The Vaults, in Calgary, where they'll receive their flash drive and a route card with instructions on where to deliver the cargo. We'll all stay connected using an app called Zello. A private, password-protected, room will be created where dispatch will warn you about the whereabouts of L.E.X.U.S. and provide updates about your mission. Your mission is to deliver the flash drive to Sanchez, undetected. If L.E.X.U.S. shows up at the drop zone and busts Sanchez, your mission fails!

Points system:

  • If you deliver the hard drive to Sanchez, without getting caught, you'll receive 10 points.

  • If L.E.X.U.S. spots you on the route, and photographs your car, you'll lose 5 points.

  • If L.E.X.U.S. tags your vehicle (with a 'you've been tagged' decal, you'll lose 10 points.

  • If someone leads L.E.X.U.S. to the drop zone, and the flash drives are confiscated, everyone fails their mission!

  • Bonus tasks will be assigned along the route, via Zello, to earn bonus points.

The team(s) with the most points at the end of the event will receive the cash payment worth $1,000! If there is a tie-breaker, the prize will be split.

The event costs $270 (incl. taxes) per team of two. Your entry includes:

  • Rally Decals

  • Prestige Events T-Shirts

  • Branded flash drive

  • Route cards

  • Fast-food style lunch

  • Contribution to event payday ($1,000)

Payment must be submitted by Paypal or e-transfer. Entry Fee due in-full before June 1, 2021.
This event is limited to 30 teams. Priority is given to returning teams.

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